Donald Trump promised to bring Christmas back (as if it ever went away), telling his biggest fans over and over again that Christmas would be better than ever. Welp, after his decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the mayor of Nazareth is pulling the plug on a planned Christmas celebration. From the NY Daily News:

The Israeli town of Nazareth has canceled Christmas celebrations, with the mayor saying the end of festivities is due to President Trump.

Trump says he wants nukes 'in perfect shape' and calls First Amendment rights 'frankly disgusting'

Donald Trump doesn’t want to increase the U.S. nuclear arsenal tenfold, he claimed Wednesday afternoon after an NBC report that he wants to do exactly that. He just wants the existing nukes to be “in perfect shape.” (Like, could the military maybe look into slapping some gold leaf on those puppies?) But if there’s any comfort to be gained from Trump’s disavowal of massive nuclear growth—and there isn’t, because he lies—Trump’s renewed attacks on the media and the very notion of freedom of the press should have you all itchy and nervous again:

Violențe la Barcelona, de ziua națională a Spaniei

Zeci de persoane s-au încăierat în centrul Barcelonei, chiar când aveau loc ceremoniile oficiale de ziua națională a Spaniei. De o parte erau susţinătorii independenţei, de cealaltă cei ai unităţii statului spaniol. Cele două tabere au fost potolite de poliţie, înainte de a degenera în confruntări şi mai violente.