President Vladimir V. Putin during a visit last week to a hydroelectric power plant on the Bureya River in Russia. President Trump thanked Mr. Putin on Thursday for expelling United States diplomats from Moscow. Credit Pool photo by Alexey Nikolsky

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — The roster of villains in President Trump’s world is legion. The list of people he has been willing, even eager, to publicly attack includes not just Mitch McConnell, his latest target, but Jeff Sessions, Chuck Schumer, Paul D. Ryan, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Lipsa demnităţii naţionale – trăsătura de bază a moldovenilor

Ce e demnitatea naţională? E aceeaşi demnitate individuală, extinsă la nivelul unei naţiuni.

Asta ar fi explicaţia lipsei demnităţii naţionale la moldoveni – lipsa demnităţii individuale (de grup, de comunitate).

Asta e şi concluzia acestui text, rândurile de mai jos nefiind altceva decât o tânguire fără rost.

Individul uns anterior ambasador pentru Moldova, Kuzmin, avea drept unic scop să reamintească periodic moldovenilor cât de jos se află aceştia în raport cu statul rus.

Former NATO Ambassador Shoots Down Republican Attempts to Blame Obama for the Russian Election Hack

Two Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee tried Wednesday to pick up on President Donald Trump’s recent claim that former President Barack Obama failed to act against Russian interference in the 2016 election. But Nicholas Burns, a former top State Department official testifying at the committee’s hearing on Russian meddling in European elections, was having none of it.

The must-see video of 'Trump' having tantrum at children's school goes viral

Donald Trump’s Achilles’ Heel and/or the soft, dark, underbelly of his weakness is clearly his ego. So, it would make sense that one way for the frustrated and angry American people to get back at him would be to mock his fragile, legend-in-his-own-mind, immature self-importance. Donald Trump has been called the man-child/boy-president and been spoofed all over the Internet with images of him as a grown toddler. You can see some of those images here.

How Governors From Both Parties Plotted to Derail the Senate Health Bill

Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio, a Republican, at the White House in November. He denounced his party’s health legislation in biting terms, saying that it would victimize the poor and those with mental illnesses, and redirect tax money “to people who are already very wealthy.” Credit Kevin Lamarque/Reuters