În Parlamentul ucrainean are loc o „mobilizare“ în rândul deputaților cu privire la introducerea regimului de vize cu Rusia, a declarat deputatul Andrei Teteruk, președintele fracțiunii „Frontul Popular“ din Rada Ucrainei, potrivit canalului tv „112 Ukraina“.

 Congress Could Establish a Commission to See if Trump Is Mentally Fit to Be President

Jamie Raskin proposes using the 25th Amendment to assess whether presidential incapacity exists.

Before he was elected last year to the US House of Representatives, Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin earned wide recognition over a quarter-century as a professor of constitutional law at American University’s Washington College of Law. So whenever Raskin weighs in on issues of presidential accountability, he speaks from experience—and with the authority of a scholar who has worked with Democrats and Republicans to make real the full promise of the nation’s defining document.


Atat de muți…

Mi-aduc aminte cum – sub grinzi –
De sărbatori – prin târgul mare –
Intrai in sala cu oglinzi
Ce-ţi deformau – din arătare …

Priveai – râdeai – ce ești – ce prinzi
Din cioburi strâmbe – si ciudate –
Tăcute – toate – erau – foarte…
Te bucurai – ieșind in tinzi

De simplă-ti – mare – libertate…

Nu aveai capete – scurtate –
N-aveai nici hainele – prea lungi –
Aveai – cum nu le-aveai – pe toate –
N-aveai habar – de prêț – la pungi…

Festivalul Multiculturalitătii (19–21 mai 2017, București)

Între 19–21 mai 2017, ora 20.00 (program de vizitare 10.00-22.00), în Parcul Titan din Bucuresti va avea loc Festivalul Multiculturalitătii. Organizat de Fundatia Lumina, în parteneriat cu Primăria Sector 3, Casa Artelor Sector 3 si Fundatia Tună, festivalul este un eveniment unic, care va da posibilitatea bucurestenilor să cunoască cultura si traditiile altor popoare.

Trump goes off on Twitter: 'single greatest witch hunt' in American history

Informed that Robert Mueller was being appointed as special counsel to investigate connections with the Trump campaign and the Russian government, the White House says Trump was the soul of civility.

... White House staff members joined President Donald Trump in the Oval Office where he offered a measured response, according to a senior White House official. …

Trump tweets that yeah, he did peddle classified info to Russia (and tosses top aides under the bus)

On Monday night, following The Washington Post’s bombshell report that the man-child occupying the Oval Office was peddling classified information to Russia, the White House trotted out three high level officials—National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell—to deny the story. And on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump took to Twitter to admit the story was true:
es under the bus)

10th Annual Roll Call of Nations Wreath Laying Ceremony

We have an obligation to future generations to record the crimes of the 20th century and make sure they’re never repeated. In this hallowed place we recall the lessons of the Cold War: that freedom is precious and cannot be taken for granted. (President George W. Bush at the VOC Memorial, June 2007)

Please join us for the 10th Annual Roll Call of Nations Wreath Laying Ceremony as we gather to honor the memory of more than 100 million victims of communist regimes, to celebrate liberty where it has triumphed, and to further our pursuit of a world free from communism.