The photo of a regretful Trump supporter is going viral on Donald's own playground—Twitter

Let's make America great again!
Let's arrest and prosecute ALL traitors, Russian spies and agents of influence in the Trump administration!
Do you realize that Donald Trump, a totally incapable "businessman" who made all his money by laundering Soviet GRU hundreds of billions of dollars since 1983, has 75 ACTIVE lawsuits against him TODAY? All of them were filed by legitimate US businessmen who were cheated by this miserable "businessman" . He just appointed the CEO of Bank of Cyprus to his cabinet, after using his bank for Russian money laundering for 40 years!
He also apparently told Vladimir Epstein (Putin) that "he cried when the USSR was dissolved on Christmas Day 1991".
Being the professional liar that Trump is, that may or may not be true...
In 2008, while the US economy was going through a severe crisis, he and his son were boasting that "they have far too many Russian assets and are literally flooded with Russian money", that was used by GRU to finance the espionage and agents of influence operations throughout the world.
As a fighter who fought against Bolshevism all my life and was "interrogated" by the GRU advisers of Romanian Securitate, causing me to walk with crutches for the last ten years, I wrote to Donald Trump, telling him that I pray every night for his violent death and how sorry I am I cannot do it myself due to my invalidity.
His Russian money got him elected mainly because the white people in America are shamefully RACIST and hated Obama who was a great president and got health insurance for tens of millions of people and also treated correctly the Palestinians, my soulmates in this epic crusade for the liberation of the human race from Jewish slavery.
Do you know that in Italy the health insurance if FREE for all human beings, including non-Italian citizens since the days of Benito Mussolini, the great Fascist leader. It was the same way in Germany during the days of Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, the only political leader who tried to liberate us from Jewish slavery. He transformed the German economy from the last to the first European economy in just three years (1935 to 1938), just by forbidding the Jews to work in the banking system. This caused Djugashvili (Stalin) to state in 1938 that "only a very intelligent and capable man could bring the German economy from the last to the first economy of Europe in three years, the way Hitler did."
How about that for a successful idea?
By the way, the health insurance in Italy is financed by a "gasoline tax" that makes refueling in Italy three times more expensive than in the U.S.

Michael Olteanu, M.S.